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Bidder Code smartico Member no
Media Types display GDPR TCF Support no
User IDs none USP/CCPA Support no
Supply Chain Support no COPPA Support no
Demand Chain Support no Safeframes OK check with bidder
Supports Deals check with bidder Prebid.js Adapter yes
IAB GVL ID check with bidder Prebid Server Adapter no
Floors Module Support no First Party Data Support check with bidder

"Send All Bids" Ad Server Keys

These are the bidder-specific keys that would be targeted within GAM in a Send-All-Bids scenario. GAM truncates keys to 20 characters.
hb_pb_smartico hb_bidder_smartico hb_adid_smartico
hb_size_smartico hb_source_smartico hb_format_smartico
hb_cache_host_smarti hb_cache_id_smartico hb_uuid_smartico
hb_cache_path_smarti hb_deal_smartico

Bid Params

Name Scope Description Example Type
placementId required Unique identificator per widget integration provided by customer '1234567' string
token required Unique 40-symbols identificator per customer provided by smartico 'FNVzUGZn9ebpIOoheh3kEJ2GQ6H6IyMH39sHXaya string
region optional Creative region alias 'berlin' string
regions optional Creative region aliases list ['berlin', 'hamburg'] Array<string>
bannerFormat optional Specific banner format alias 'medium_rectangle' string
language optional Two letter language code 'de' string


The Smartico bidder adaptor requires setup and approval from the Smartico team. Please reach out to for more information.

• Parameters ‘region’ and ‘regions’ are used as creatives feed filters, making sure creatives of specified region(s) to be only provided. The complete list of regions aliases must be predefined per each customer during the adapter integration.
• Parameter ‘regions’ can a array of region aliases or a string of comma separated region aliases
• Parameter ‘bannerFormat’ is needed in cases when it is not possible to precisely resolve the banner format by provided sizes as two or more banner formats could match that. The list supported banner formats could vary per customer thus must be predefined during the adapter integration.
• Parameter ‘language’ is used as creatives feed filter, making sure creatives of specified or no language content to be only provided and simultaneously making sure labels of specified language to be displayed inside creatives. The default label language is German.

var adUnits = [
            code: 'slot123',
            mediaTypes: {
                banner: {
                    sizes: [[300, 250]],  // a display size
            bids: [
                    bidder: "smartico",
                    params: {
                          placementId: 'placement123', //required
                          token: "FNVzUGZn9ebpIOoheh3kEJ2GQ6H6IyMH39sHXaya", // required
			  region: "sample-region-code-1", // optional
                          regions: ["sample-region-code-1","sample-region-code-2"], // optional 
                          bannerFormat: "medium_rectangle", // optional 
                          language:"de" // optional 

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