Docs by Format

This page has a list of developer docs broken out by creative format.

For ad ops and other ad server-related information, see our Ad Ops documentation.

Format Page
Multi-Format (banner, native, outstream video all in one ad unit) Show Multi-Format Ads with Prebid.js (Engineering setup)
  Setting up Prebid Multi-Format in Google Ad Manager (Ad ops setup)
AMP How Prebid on AMP Works
  Show Prebid Ads on AMP Pages (Alpha)
Video (instream) Show Video Ads with a Google Ad Manager Video Tag (With lots of examples)
  How to Add a New Video Bidder Adapter
Video (outstream) Show Outstream Video Ads
  Outstream Video Example
Standard Display Basic Prebid.js Example
  Getting Started
  Ad Unit Refresh / Infinite Scroll Example
Native Show Native Ads with Prebid.js (Engineering setup)
  Setting up Prebid Native in Google Ad Manager (Ad Ops setup)