Prebid.js Module Overview

The core of Prebid.js contains only the foundational code needed for header bidding. Any functionality that could be considered an add-on is part of a module. These are the major categories: highly recommends that publishers utilize the following modules:

Module Description
Consent Management - GDPR If you have users in Europe, this module works with your Consent Management Platform to pass consent info to bidders and help align with EU regulations. See also the GDPR Enforcement module.
Consent Management - US Privacy If you have users in California, this module works with your Consent Management Platform to pass CCPA/US-Privacy data to bidders.
First Party Data Enrichment Injects additional data into the auction stream, including: domain, keywords, and page url.
GDPR Enforcement If you have users in Europe, you'll want this module that enforces GDPR consent
GPT Pre-Auction If you run GAM, this module generates the 'global placement id' that's becoming required for successful auctions.

General Modules

Modules in the Real-Time Data (RTD) category conform to a consistent set of publisher controls. The publisher can choose to run multiple RTD modules, define an overall amount of time they’re willing to wait for results, and even flag some of the modules as being higher priority than others. See the realTimeData setConfig reference for more details.

Module Description RTD?
Adpod Enables developers to add support for a new adserver that handles ad pod (long-form) videos. no
Bid Viewability - Ad Server Independent Triggers a BID_VIEWABLE event when a rendered bid is viewable according to an approximation of IAB viewability criteria no
CategoryTranslation Converts IAB category to ad server category for long-form videos. no
Currency Converts bid currency into ad server currency based on data in a supplied exchange rate file. no
Price Floors Configure and enforce minimum bids. no
ID Import Library Retrieve user ids deployed on your site, and return them to a configurable endpoint for ID Graphing. no
Instream Tracking Allow Analytics Adapters and Bid Adapters to track `BID_WON` events for instream video bids. no
Intersection Real Time Intersection yes
Deal Rendering (aka MASS) General deal rendering functionality. no
MultiBid Allows bidders to send multiple bids to the ad server. no
Publisher Common ID (deprecated) User ID persisted in first party domain no
Server-to-Server Testing Adds A/B test support to ease analysis of server-side header bidding no
Supply Chain Object Validates the Supply Chain object and makes it available to bidders. no
Advanced Size Mapping Display Responsive AdUnits in demanding page environments. no
Timeout RTD Module for managing timeouts in real time yes
User ID Vendor-specific user ID sub-modules are available to support a range of identification approaches. no
First Party Data Validation Verify First Party Data fields and data types. Not recommended for production use. no

Vendor-Specific Modules

These modules may require accounts with a service provider.

Module Description RTD?
AirGrid RTD Provider Client-side, cookieless and privacy-first audiences. yes
Akamai DAP Real Time Data Provider Module Akamai DAP Real Time Data Provider Module yes
Bid Viewability - GAM Triggers a BID_VIEWABLE event when a rendered bid is viewable according to Active View criteria no
Browsi Viewability Browsi Real Time Viewability yes Real-time Anti-Malvertising Module Real-time Anti-Malvertising Module yes
Google Ad Manager Express A simplified installation mechanism for publishers that have Google Publisher Tag (GPT) ad calls in their pages. no
Google Ad Manager Video Support Required for serving instream video through Google Ad Manager. no
Digital Garage Keyword Digital Garage Keyword yes
Freewheel Video Support Passes key value targeting to Freewheel SDK for adpod mediaType adUnits. no
Geoedge Realtime Geoedge realtime blocking of bad ads - malware, redirect and offensive content yes
Audigent Halo Real-time Segmentation Module Audigent Halo Real-time Segmentation Module yes
Integral Ad Science(IAS) RTD RTD provider for Integral Ad Science(IAS) yes
JW Player video ad targeting makes JW Player's video ad targeting information accessible to Bid Adapters. yes
Konduit Accelerate Applies Konduit video ad acceleration optimization to wining video bid. no Realtime Module Delivers added functionality based on configurations, i.e. refresh, viewability, etc. yes
Optimera RTD Optimera Optimization Targeting yes
Permutive Real Time Data Module Permutive Real Time Data Module yes
Reconciliation Supply Chain Validation Reconciliation Real Time Data Module yes
Sirdata Real-time Segmentation Module Sirdata Real-time Segmentation Module yes
Weborama Real-time Segmentation Module Weborama Real-time Segmentation Module yes
Synthetic Inventory Module Yieldmo Synthetic Outstream ads no

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