Permutive RTD Provider


This module reads cohorts from Permutive and attaches them as targeting keys to bid requests.


Compile the Permutive RTD module into your Prebid build:

gulp build --modules=rtdModule,permutiveRtdProvider

Note that the global RTD module, rtdModule, is a prerequisite of the Permutive RTD module.

You then need to enable the Permutive RTD in your Prebid configuration, using the below format:

  realTimeData: {
    auctionDelay: 50, // optional auction delay
    dataProviders: [{
      name: 'permutive',
      waitForIt: true, // should be true if there's an `auctionDelay`
      params: {
        acBidders: ['appnexus']

Supported Bidders

The Permutive RTD module sets Audience Connector cohorts as bidder-specific first-party data, following the Prebid ortb2 convention, for any bidder included in acBidders. The module also supports bidder-specific data locations per ad unit (custom parameters) for the below bidders:

Bidder ID Custom Cohorts Audience Connector
Xandr appnexus Yes Yes
Magnite rubicon Yes No
Ozone ozone No Yes

Key-values details for custom parameters:

  • Custom Cohorts: The module configuration will automatically reflect the SSP integrations (Activations) you have enabled in your Permutive dashboard. Any additional bidders you want to pass data to will need to be configured. Permutive cohorts will be sent in the permutive key-value.

  • Audience Connector: You’ll need to define which bidders should receive Audience Connector cohorts. You need to include the ID of any bidder in the acBidders array. Audience Connector cohorts will be sent in the p_standard key-value.


Name Type Description Default
name String This should always be permutive -
waitForIt Boolean Should be true if there’s an auctionDelay defined (optional) false
params Object   -
params.acBidders String[] An array of bidders which should receive Audience Connector cohorts. []
params.maxSegs Integer Maximum number of cohorts to be included in either the permutive or p_standard key-value. 500