Weborama RTD Segmentation Module

Weborama provides a Semantic AI Contextual API that classifies in Real-time a web page seen by a web user within generic and custom topics. It enables publishers to better monetize their inventory and unlock it to programmatic.

ORTB2 compliant and FPD support for Prebid versions < 4.29

Please contact prebid-support@weborama.com for more information.

Publisher Usage

Configure Prebid.js

Compile the Weborama RTD module into your Prebid build:

gulp build --modules=rtdModule,weboramaRtdProvider

Add the Weborama RTD provider to your Prebid config.

Minimal configuration

    realTimeData: {
        auctionDelay: 1000,
        dataProviders: [
                name: "weborama",
                waitForIt: true,
                params: {
			weboCtxConf: {
				token: "<token-provided-by-weborama>"

Parameter Descriptions for the Weborama Configuration Section

Name Type Description Notes
name String Real time data module name Mandatory. Always ‘Weborama’
waitForIt Boolean Mandatory. Required to ensure that the auction is delayed until prefetch is complete Optional. Defaults to false but recommended to true
params Object   Optional
params.weboCtxConf Object Weborama Contextual Configuration Optional
params.weboCtxConf.token String Security Token provided by Weborama, unique per client Mandatory
params.weboCtxConf.targetURL String Url to be profiled in the contextual api Optional. Defaults to document.URL
params.weboCtxConf.defaultProfile Object default value of the profile to be used when there are no response from contextual api (such as timeout) Optional. Default is {}
params.weboCtxConf.setTargeting Boolean If true, will use the contextual profile to set the gam targeting of all adunits managed by prebid.js Optional. Default is true.
params.weboCtxConf.setOrtb2 Boolean If true, will use the contextual profile to set the ortb2 configuration on site.ext.data Optional. Default is false.


To view an example of available segments returned by Weborama’s backends:

gulp serve --modules=rtdModule,weboramaRtdProvider,appnexusBidAdapter

and then point your browser at: