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The getEvents method returns a copy of all emitted events since the page loaded.

Kind: static method of pbjs

Args: none

Returns: array of objects

Returned Object Params:

  • eventType (see table below)
  • args (varies for each event type)
  • id (only for bidWon, set to adUnit.code)
  • elapsedTime

The available events are:

Event Description Callback Arguments
auctionInit The auction has started Object containing auction details
auctionEnd The auction has ended Object containing auction details
beforeRequestBids Bids are about to be requested from adapters (added in 3.x) Array of adunits in the auction
beforeBidderHttp bidder network request is about be triggered Array of Bid request objects
bidRequested A bid was requested from a specific bidder Bid request object
bidResponse A bid response has arrived Bid response object
bidAdjustment A bid was adjusted Bid response object
bidWon A bid has won Bid response object
bidTimeout A bid timed out Array of objects with timed out bids
setTargeting Targeting has been set Hash of targeting values
requestBids Bids have been requested from adapters (i.e. pbjs.requestBids() was called) None
addAdUnits Ad units have been added to the auction None
adRenderFailed Ad rendering failed Object containing ‘reason’ and ‘message’
adRenderSucceeded Ad rendering succeeded Object containing the document containing the ad, the bid, and the adId
auctionDebug An error was logged to the console Object containing ‘type’ and ‘arguments’
bidderDone A bidder has signaled they are done responding Bid request object
bidderError A bidder responded with an error Object with the XMLHttpRequest error and the bid request object { error, bidderRequest }
tcf2Enforcement There was a TCF2 enforcement action taken { storageBlocked: ['moduleA', 'moduleB'], biddersBlocked: ['moduleB'], analyticsBlocked: ['moduleC'] }

The example below shows how these events can be used.

      pbjs.getEvents().forEach(event => {
        console.log("event: "+event.eventType)

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