Prebid Universal Creative

The Prebid Universal Creative makes it easier for publishers to configure Prebid in their ad server. The Prebid Universal Creative provides a single creative configuration that can be used across many formats, platforms, devices, and ad servers.

Specifically, you need to use the Universal Creative in these scenarios:

  • AMP and Prebid SDK (these require loading creatives from cache)
  • when you need to support safeframes
  • when you need to support native

If you only ever need to display non-safeframed banner and outstream-video creatives, you may use the original simple approach of just calling the Prebid.js renderAd function directly:

<script> var w = window; for (i = 0; i < 10; i++) { w = w.parent; if (w.pbjs) { try { w.pbjs.renderAd(document, '%%PATTERN:hb_adid%%'); break; } catch (e) { continue; } } } </script>

How to Implement


Mobile App

AppNexus Publisher Adserver