Android Targeting Parameters

User location

By default, the Android Prebid Mobile SDK automatically sends location information.

Disable (false) or enable (true) location data:


Fetch location data and pass it to Prebid Mobile:


Choose the precision of location data:


Age and Gender

Age and gender can be added to the targeting params directly.


Custom Keywords

Custom keywords are used to attach arbitrary key/value pairs to the ad call. Use key/value pairs to add users to segments, as shown here:

TargetingParams.setUserTargeting("foo", "bar");
TargetingParams.setUserTargeting("foo", "bay");

This will result in the following request JSON body construct:

"user" : {
	"keywords" : "foo=bar,foo=bay,"

Prebid Mobile supports the IAB GDPR recommendations. For a general overview of Prebid Mobile support for GDPR, see Prebid Mobile Guide to European Ad Inventory and Providing Notice, Transparency and Choice

Enable (true) or disable (false) the ability to provide consent.

TargetingParams.setSubjectToGDPR(context, true);

Enable publishers to set the consent string.

TargetingParams.setGDPRConsentString(context, "consent_string");

Prebid mobile also checks if the values are present in the SharedPreferences keys specified by the IAB. If the values are also set in these objects they will be passed in the OpenRTB request object.


For more information about the TargetingParams, please check the source code in Coding Integration for Android.