iOS Logging & Troubleshooting

To add Prebid Mobile logs for troubleshooting or to see successful bids simply import PBLogging.h and add the following code:

[PBLogManager setPBLogLevel:PBLogLevelInfo];

The following log level options are available:

  • PBLogLevelAll
  • PBLogLevelOff (Disable all logging)
  • PBLogLevelTrace
  • PBLogLevelDebug
  • PBLogLevelInfo
  • PBLogLevelWarn (Default)
  • PBLogLevelError

Setting any log level other than PBLogLevelAll or PBLogLevelOff will enable all logging in the list at and below the level being set. For example, setting PBLogLevelInfo will enable logging for PBLogLevelInfo, PBLogLevelWarn, and PBLogLevelWarn.


Q: I’ve defined a banner size as fluid in Google Ad Manager SDK (AdSize(-3,-4)), why am I receiving an empty response?

A: Prebid Mobile does not support fluid size.