Prebid Mobile API Result Codes

When you use the Prebid Mobile API to retrieve bids, you’ll receive a ResultCode indicating whether the request was successful. This page provides a descriptions of each code, and where go to find more information.


  • Return Code: SUCCESS
  • Description: Prebid Mobile received at least one valid bid from Prebid Server and successfully associated Prebid key-values with the appropriate ad server request.

Prebid Server Error

  • Description: * General result code for an unknown error returned from Prebid Server. The actual Prebid Server error message will be exposed to the developer.

Invalid account ID

  • Description: Prebid Server did not recognize the account ID. Make sure you included an account ID and that the account ID you’ve set on the PrebidMobileObject is correct.
  • More Information: PrebidMobileObject

Invalid configuration ID

  • Return Code: INVALID_CONFIG_ID
  • Description: Prebid Server did not recognize the configuration ID that was passed in on your banner or interstitial ad unit object. Be sure you’ve passed in a non-empty configuration ID and that the ID is correct.
  • More Information:

Invalid size

  • Return Code: INVALID_SIZE
  • Description: Attempted to add an invalid size to a banner ad unit. This error usually occurs if you’ve attempted to add multiple sizes on a request to Mopub; Mopub allows only a single size.
  • More Information: BannerAdUnit

Network error

  • Return Code: NETWORK_ERROR
  • Description: A network error occurred during the request to Prebid Server.


  • Return Code: TIME_OUT
  • Description: The ad request to Prebid Server exceeded the timeout period.

No bids

  • Return Code: NO_BIDS
  • Description: Prebid Server responded without returning any valid bids.

Empty host URL

  • Return Code: INVALID_HOST_URL
  • Description: Attempted to define a custom Prebid Server host without providing a host URL.
  • More Information: PrebidMobileObject