Native In App Rendering

This document describes the Prebid Mobile (PBM) Native In App Rendering capability. Though PBM has the ability to render native ad components through its Banner Ad object, PBM’s Native In App Rendering solution enables publishers to render the native assets in native code.


At a high level the in app rendering process works like this:

  1. The publisher configures a native ad unit.
  2. PBM fetches native demand. However, instead of caching the native assets on the server, the assets are cached locally in the SDK.
  3. Bid request are made to Google Ad Manager/MoPub.
  4. Upon receiving results from Google Ad Manager/MoPub, PBM determines if any of the received items are from Prebid Server.
  5. If there are Prebid ads, the cached assets are then rendered.

Ad Ops Setup

These instructions will enable you to create a creative template in either Google Ad Manager or MoPub that can then be applied to native ads in your app.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Create an ad unit with fluid ad size.
  3. Click Delivery and then Native
  4. Click Create native ad.
  5. Click Android & iOS app code.
  6. Name your new format.
  7. Choose ADD VARIABLE and add the following variable names and placeholders.
Variable Name Place Holder
isPrebid [%isPrebid%]
hb_cache_id_local [%hb_cache_id_local%]

Make sure to indicate that the variables are required.

  1. Return to the home screen, click Delivery > Creatives, and create a creative with Native Format, choosing the template you created. In the user-defined variables you just created, set the following values:
Variable Name Value
isPrebid 1
hb_cache_id_local %%PATTERN:hb_cache_id_local%%
  1. Now create Prebid line items with price priority and a display ad type that are targeting hb_pb key-values. Associate the creative you added in steps 4 thru 8 (making sure to choose your native format as expected creatives on the line item) to the ad unit you created in the second step.


  1. Sign in to MoPub.
  2. Select the order for the Prebid line items.
  3. Create a line item that targets an hb_pb key-value.
  4. Save your line item.
  5. Create the creative. When prompted, input a name and choose the format Native.
  6. Instead of Easy Form choose Manual JSON.
  7. In the JSON input field insert the following content:

"mainimage": "",
"isPrebid": true,
"hb_cache_id_local": "%%KEYWORD:hb_cache_id_local%%"

  1. Click Save.

Code Integration



The NativeAdDelegate protocol provides three methods to handle the display and check the validity of the returned native ad.



Use this method to pass a NativeAd to inflate.


Name Scope Type Description
NativeAd Required ad A NativeAd


Use this method when a NativeAd is not found in the server returned response. The ad should be displayed as a regular AdUnit type.


Use this method when a Prebid native ad was returned, but a NativeAd object was not able to be created from the cached assets. Display different content.



An object representing the NativeAd to be displayed.

Using Asset Ids with In-App Native Ad Units

Setting this option to true, in your instance of Prebid Mobile, enables you to add an id for each asset in the assets array. The default setting is false


Prebid.shared.shouldAssignNativeAssetID = true

Objective C

[Prebid shared].shouldAssignNativeAssetID = YES;


Takes a View that will handle the display of the native asset image and a listener object.


Name Scope Type Description
view Required View The view to display the native asset image in.


Unregisters the View stored for displaying the native asset’s image.


Use these getters to return various components of the native ad.

Name Returns Description
getTitle String Returns the title of the native ad.
getDescription String Returns the description of the native ad.
getIconUrl String Returns the path for the icon of the native ad.
getImageUrl String Returns the path for the image of the native ad.
getCallToAction String Returns the type of action of the native ad
getClickUrl String Returns the click url of the native ad


This object provides methods for searching for a PrebidNativeAd in the response and displaying the image from the image url in the response.



This method searches for the variable isPrebid in the native response. If the variable is located and its value is true the PrebidNativeAd instance is created and passed back to PrebidNativeAdListener.


Name Scope Type Description    
adObject Required AnyObject The ad object to search for.    


Consume NativeAd

How to consume native in iOS:

func createPrebidNativeView(){
    let adNib = UINib(nibName: "PrebidNativeAdView", bundle: Bundle(for: type(of: self)))
    let array = adNib.instantiate(withOwner: self, options: nil)
    if let prebidNativeAdView = array.first as? PrebidNativeAdView{
        self.prebidNativeAdView = prebidNativeAdView
        prebidNativeAdView.frame = CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: self.adContainerView.frame.size.width, height: 150 + self.screenWidth * 400 / 600)

func loadNativeAssets(){

    let image = NativeAssetImage(minimumWidth: 200, minimumHeight: 200, required: true)
    image.type = ImageAsset.Main

    let icon = NativeAssetImage(minimumWidth: 20, minimumHeight: 20, required: true)
    icon.type = ImageAsset.Icon

    let title = NativeAssetTitle(length: 90, required: true)

    let body = NativeAssetData(type: DataAsset.description, required: true)

    let cta = NativeAssetData(type: DataAsset.ctatext, required: true)

    let sponsored = NativeAssetData(type: DataAsset.sponsored, required: true)

    nativeUnit = NativeRequest(configId: "25e17008-5081-4676-94d5-923ced4359d3", assets: [icon,title,image,body,cta,sponsored])

    nativeUnit.context = ContextType.Social
    nativeUnit.placementType = PlacementType.FeedContent
    nativeUnit.contextSubType = ContextSubType.Social

    let event1 = EventType.Impression
    eventTrackers = NativeEventTracker(event: event1, methods: [EventTracking.Image,EventTracking.js])
    nativeUnit.eventtrackers = [eventTrackers]

var adLoader: GADAdLoader?
var nativeUnit: NativeRequest!
var nativeAd:NativeAd?
var nativeUnit: NativeRequest!
var eventTrackers: NativeEventTracker!      
func loadPrebidNativeForDFP(){
    let dfpRequest:DFPRequest = DFPRequest()
    nativeUnit.fetchDemand(adObject: dfpRequest) { [weak self] (resultCode: ResultCode) in
              adLoader = GADAdLoader(adUnitID: "/19968336/Abhas_test_native_native_adunit",
                           rootViewController: self,
                           adTypes: [ GADAdLoaderAdType.dfpBanner, GADAdLoaderAdType.nativeCustomTemplate],
                           options: [ ])
              adLoader?.delegate  = self

//MARK: : DFP Native Delegate
func adLoader(_ adLoader: GADAdLoader, didFailToReceiveAdWithError error: GADRequestError) {
    print("Prebid GADAdLoader failed \(error)")

func nativeCustomTemplateIDs(for adLoader: GADAdLoader) -> [String] {
    return ["11963183"]

func adLoader(_ adLoader: GADAdLoader,
              didReceive nativeCustomTemplateAd: GADNativeCustomTemplateAd){
    print("Prebid GADAdLoader received customTemplageAd")
    Utils.shared.delegate = self
    Utils.shared.findNative(adObject: nativeCustomTemplateAd)

func adLoader(_ adLoader: GADAdLoader, didReceive bannerView: DFPBannerView) {

func validBannerSizes(for adLoader: GADAdLoader) -> [NSValue] {
    return [NSValueFromGADAdSize(kGADAdSizeBanner)]

MoPub Integration

var mpNative:MPNativeAdRequest?
var mpAd: MPNativeAd?
var nativeUnit: NativeRequest!
var nativeAd:NativeAd?
var nativeUnit: NativeRequest!
var eventTrackers: NativeEventTracker!
func loadPrebidNativeForMoPub(){

    let settings: MPStaticNativeAdRendererSettings = MPStaticNativeAdRendererSettings.init()
    let config:MPNativeAdRendererConfiguration = MPStaticNativeAdRenderer.rendererConfiguration(with: settings)
    self.mpNative = MPNativeAdRequest.init(adUnitIdentifier: "2674981035164b2db5ef4b4546bf3d49", rendererConfigurations: [config])

    let targeting:MPNativeAdRequestTargeting = MPNativeAdRequestTargeting.init()
    self.mpNative?.targeting = targeting

    nativeUnit.fetchDemand(adObject: mpNative!) { [weak self] (resultCode: ResultCode) in
        print("Prebid demand fetch for AdManager \(")
        if let mpNative = mpNative{
            mpNative.start(completionHandler: { (request, response, error)->Void in
                if error == nil {
                    self.mpAd = response!
                    Utils.shared.delegate = self
                    Utils.shared.findNative(adObject: response!)

Native Ad Delegate Integration

//MARK: : NativeAdDelegate Delegate
func nativeAdLoaded(ad:NativeAd) {
    nativeAd = ad
    nativeAd?.delegate = self
    if  let prebidNativeAdView = prebidNativeAdView {
        nativeAd?.registerView(view: prebidNativeAdView, clickableViews: [prebidNativeAdView.callToActionButton])

    prebidNativeAdView?.titleLabel.text = nativeAd?.title
    prebidNativeAdView?.bodyLabel.text = nativeAd?.text
    if let iconString = nativeAd?.iconUrl, let iconUrl = URL(string: iconString) { {
            let data = try? Data(contentsOf: iconUrl)
            DispatchQueue.main.async {
                if data != nil {
                    self.prebidNativeAdView?.iconImageView.image = UIImage(data:data!)
    if let imageString = nativeAd?.imageUrl,let imageUrl = URL(string: imageString) { {
            let data = try? Data(contentsOf: imageUrl)
            DispatchQueue.main.async {
                if data != nil {
                 self.prebidNativeAdView?.mainImageView.image = UIImage(data:data!)
    prebidNativeAdView?.callToActionButton.setTitle(nativeAd?.callToAction, for: .normal)
    prebidNativeAdView?.sponsoredLabel.text = nativeAd?.sponsoredBy

func nativeAdNotFound() {

func nativeAdNotValid() {