Prebid Server | Features | Deals

Prebid Server supports Private MarketPlace deals in this way:

  1. Prebid Server Bid Adapters can respond with a deal in All bids are returned to the client and the deal can pulled from
  2. Prebid-style ad server targeting is also applied:
    1. If the deal is the highest bid overall and the ext.prebid.targeting.includewinners option is on, then the hb_deal targeting value will contain the winning deal ID.
    2. If the deal is the highest bid for a particular bidder and the ext.prebid.targeting.includebidderkeys is on, then the hb_deal_BIDDER targeting value will contain that deal ID

Ad server line items should be targeted to hb_deal_BIDDER (for sendAllBids) or hb_deal (for sendTopBid).

Currently Prebid Server doesn’t support the option of preferring deals over open market bids, though a PreferDeals flag is being considered.