Prebid Programmatic Guaranteed

Prebid Programmatic Guaranteed

In general, Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) has existed for several years as an ad server-based function. While anchoring PG in the ad server is helpful from a deployment perspective, the lack of transparency and configurability in the ad server has slowed down product momentum and made it harder for buyers and sellers to flexibly adjust their strategy and configurations for PG deals. The introduction of open-source, standards-based Programmatic Guaranteed, anchored in Prebid Sever, helps both buyers and sellers in several key ways:

  • It allows publishers to utilize preferred partners and data in the Programmatic infrastructure.
  • It streamlines the traditional RFP and I/O process between buyers and sellers
  • It separates the pacing, capping and forecasting functions from the ad server so publishers can more easily control and modify deals
  • Enables a seamless, software-based negotiation process between buyers and sellers
  • Ensures easier interoperability with a wider universe of buy-side platforms

At a high level, the system allows any Host Company running Prebid Server (only PBS-Java for now) to integrate open source components into their existing UIs and data delivery systems.

In addition, the Host Company can support other PG Bidders connecting into their system to make their environment richer for publishers.

PG High Level Framework

We want to encourage an ecosystem where programmatic vendors can compete on their strengths: some companies may be excellent at hosting a technical infrastructure, while others may excel at usability, reporting, or delivery algorithms.

PG For Publishers

Publishers interested in trying Programmatic Guaranteed through Prebid should contact one of the companies hosting a PG cluster. They’ll explain how it all works and walk you through the setup process.

List of PG Managed Services

If you’re a publisher looking to try Programmatic Guaranteed or a PG bidder that wants to integrate into an existing cluster, here’s a list of members to consider:

  • Magnite - contact your account representative or

PG for Bidders

If you have a demand source and are ready to implement a guaranteed delivery algorithm, learn how to become a PG Bidder.

Hosting your own PG Cluster

If you’re ready to host a global high-performance cluster, learn how to become a PG Host Company.