Need Help?

There are several ways to ask for help or get involved with Prebid. See below for more information.


For technical & feature requests or questions, it’s best to use the GitHub or Stack Overflow forums. Prebid is worked on full-time by engineering teams from AppNexus and Rubicon Project. There are also many publishers using and contributing to the project.

For questions about how an adapter works, it’s best to reach out to the company directly, or ask on GitHub. Each demand adapter should be maintained by the SSPs or exchange behind that adapter.

For Prebid news or general questions, we recommend the Ad Ops Slack Channel, Quora, or Twitter.

There are serveral members that will install & maintain Prebid on a publisher’s behalf. See the list of Managed Prebid Solutions.


Sometimes people have already gotten answers on the GitHub forums. See issues with the ‘question’ tag on the Prebid.js repo

Submit a GitHub issue for Prebid.js, Prebid SDK iOS, Prebid Mobile Android or Prebid Server if:

  • You have a feature request to the code base.
  • You have found a bug in the code.

For more information about how to contribute, see the Contribute section of the site.

Stack Overflow

If you ask questions on Stack Overflow, please use the following tags:

  • prebid
  • prebid.js

Ad Ops Slack Channel

Join the Ad Ops Reddit Slack (specifically the #HeaderBidding channel) to connect with other publishers & developers using Prebid.


Post on Reddit (Please include the word “Prebid.js” for us to get notified) if:

  • You have ad ops related questions, e.g. setting up line items and creatives.


Post on Quora (Please tag the question with “Prebid.js”) if:

  • You have high level questions, e.g. the best strategy to host unbiased header bidding auctions.